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The Free Stuff Junction Funny Video clips collection is now only available exclusively to registered members. Only the best clips, carefully selected, are included in our collection, which is one of the largest you'll find anywhere!

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Here are the latest additions to our collection of over 40 clips:

• Brent (The Office) Dancing

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Clasic scene from award-winning British comedy The Office featuring Brent doing a bizarre dance for charity. MPEG file. 999 Kb.

• Beckham Pepsi Ad

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Very well done and funny Pepsi ad featuring David Beckham. MPEG file. 1.93 MB.

• DIY War Games

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Are you finding that your love of war games is conflicting with other important areas of your life? Well, DON'T do what this guy does about it. MPEG file. 874 KB.

• Light Sabre Gift

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A definite classic! MTV released this before Christmas. A kid gets a light sabre for Christmas and reaks havoc in the living room with it. MPEG file. 916 KB.

• Amazing Goalkeeper

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You don't see many saves like this one. If this would have gone in the guy would have looked incredibly stupid. MPG file. 712 KB.

• Haka/Whisky Advert

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Very funny William Lawson's Whisky advert featuring a team doing their haka war dance at the start of a rugby match in front of a Scottish team. Watch the clip to find out how the Scots respond! MPG file. 2.16 MB.

• Classic Hamlet Advert

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Classic Hamlet cigars advert of the footballer who gets hit by a football where it really hurts. MPG file. 2.02 MB.

• Yellow Pages Shark Advert

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Classic Yellow Pages Ad of the guy in a shark aquarium trying to stop the glass from breaking. MPG file. 1.58 MB.

• Mr Bean

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Classic clip of Mr. Bean on a plane playing with a vomit bag. AVI file. 1.50 MB.

• Manahmanah (from the Muppets)

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That classic song from the muppets, you'll be humming it for days after watching this! QT file. 1.64 MB.

• Exploding Head

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A guy blowing up a rubber raft on the beach with his mouth. Then this kid comes running along, jumps on the raft and the guy's head literally explodes. Could this be for real or is it a clever staged clip? Judge for yourself. MPG file. 961 KB.

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